5 thoughts on “My New Year Resolution

  1. Thanks M! Wish you just the same.
    Haha, so you zipped up:-)))))
    Like the pic.

  2. Happy New Year!Keep writing girl!!

  3. OMG J LO Is ridiculously L O U D

  4. LOL! Why u zipped up?

    ..and pardon my insolence, but seriously, u read tarot cards for a job? *wow* A very cool wow, but wow!


  5. @kowthas
    I zipped up because I was tired that I only opened mouth to change feet;-)
    About being a professional Tarot Card Reader, don’t know if I should call it a job, but I do have my office in Mumbai and clients apread all over the world. And just between you and me, I sometimes find myself saying ‘Wow’ 😉

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