Quelle Horreur!

Dear Heather,

Now that you’ve managed to get your hands on your ex-husband, Sir Paul McCartney’s millions *a few of the many, many more he still has, mind* I just hope you’d start dressing better.

(Truly curious to know what might have made you want to dress like a harlequin. Temporary blindness? Dressing in the dark? Too excited about grabbing the dosh? What? What? WHAT? DAYUM!! I AM CURIOUS!!)

2 thoughts on “Quelle Horreur!

  1. even if she does something about her sense of dressing, what can she do about her face?!!

  2. Hi,

    Consider yourself Tagged !
    And when you tag 3 people in turn, choose some one who will respond, and not duds like I did 😛



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