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Being Tagged! :)

Ooooooohhhhhhh, I love being tagged! Shelly tagged me this time and I had loads of fun writing out my answers!:)))))))))))) Thanks,Shelly!:)))))))))))

Ok, here goes…..

I am thinking about…
A lot, actually. Life, the future, my 2 new gorgeous Kurti’s and what to eat.

I said…
Something very funny to someone today. I was asked to ‘forgive’ a person (who actually deserves corporal punishment) and I exploded “Am I wearing a white sari with a blue border OR a dhoti with round glasses? Am I? Am I? So why the hell should I forgive???” It was very funny and the look on the persons face was a Kodak moment.

I want to…
Be powerful. Very, very powerful *Don Vito Corleone types*

I wish…
God to keep smiling down on me forever and ever, like he always has.

I hear…
The wheels of evil minds turning.

I wonder…
Why some people are the way they are.

I regret…
Words never said, things never felt and deeds never done.

I am…
All pepped up and ready to start something new on all fronts.

I dance…
Even worse than Sunny Deol in public and better than Shakira in private 😉

I sing…
In many, many different accents and voices. It’s howlarious! BTW, I can and do sing an entire French song, with the right pronunciations :))

I cry…
Lots and get puffy, red eyes that hurt my vanity and make me cry some more.

I am not always…
Conscientious with my money. There is always something that ‘I-WOULD-JUST-DIE-WITHOUT’ which generally costs enough to feed two villages and which I later realize I could have survived this lifetime without.

I make with my hands…
Life smoother and easier for people with my Tarot Cards. It’s never ceases to amaze me how a deck of 78 Cards can sooth a wrinkled brow, relax tense shoulders; bring a smile to a troubled face and change decisions and futures. I also use my hands on either sides of my temple to make a gargoyle face.

I write…
For a living and when the tempest of emotions gets too enraged to hold inside anymore.

I confuse…
My left with right. When I’m giving directions I’ll say left and point out my right hand. It’s stupidly embarrassing, so now I make do with mutely pointing out.

I need…
Some salon pampering. NOW!

I tag…
Anuja :)I don’t know if you like being tagged but enjoy it if you do and all the lurkers who stop by to read my blog :))especially rickytick ;))

And now, the next one!!!
Ooooohhhhh! Did I mention I loveeeeeeeeeee being tagged!!:))))

This one requires me to:

Write six weird facts or habits about myself.

1) I smile a lot. Even my mails, letters, text messages have smileys dotted all over the place and this, weirdly, has been misread by a lot of people and put me in uncomfortable situations many a times. *How on Gods-Green-Earth can you misconstrue a smile????????!!!*

2) I lie down on my stomach and have my meals sometimes. I get yelled at by everyone for this, but it don’t make no difference! ;))

3) When I am really, really pissed off, my voice gets all throaty and I start talking in this clipped God-knows-from-where accent.

4) When I like a guy, I totally clam up and ignore him. The result: I am tagged ‘haughty’ and the guy most probably hates me. Lol!!!

5) Sorry, that’s all that is weird about me!;))

3 thoughts on “Being Tagged! :)”

  • Hey thanks Mayuri:-))))))))
    Loved reading your post!!!

    Hehehe!!! You want to be powerful. Very, very powerful *Don Vito Corleone types*
    This is sooooooooo cute and so MY type:-))))))))) I always wished my dad to be this Don and me as his spoilt lil brat:ppppp….but alas! I am just simple ME:)

    I think this tag thing is wonderful and am soooooooo glad you enjoyed it too!!!!!

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