Cute :-(

I hate being called ‘cute’ 🙁

In Sharma-sisters lingo cute translates to ‘ugly-but-tolerable’ and in Mayuri-lingo cute translates to ‘ugly-but-not-vomit-inducing’
I hate being called ‘cute’ 🙁
Cute is….stuffed teddy bears. Cute is….chubby kids whose cheeks you want to pull. Cute is….adverts like the Pond’s Googly woogly whoosh. Cute is….a word you use when you want to be kind. Cute is…..Rishi Kapoor! 
I hate being called ‘cute’ 🙁
Cute is not a word you use for an intellectual, chic woman like me (ok, so I’m not feeling very humble today!)unless you wish to be a permanent name in my bad books!

12 thoughts on “Cute :-(

  1. Jugal….predictable comment!:-)))

    Known stranger….’chick’????? Errrr….i prefer cute.

  2. haha…cute meant ugly but bearable in our lingo too…:-D

    but I dont mind being called it:-))))

  3. *P
    It kinda gets to you when you are alwayssssssssss called that!
    I have a feeling i will be called that till i drop dead and my cheeks will be pulled along with my babies ka cheeks and i’ll be called ‘cute’ tabhi bhi!Sigh!
    The perils of being ‘cute’!! 🙁

  4. Perfect. Just what I would have expected you to say 😀

  5. Oh! Hate being called cute, eh? I wonder how I would define "cute". Never thought about it, really! I'll come back with a definition 😀

  6. ha ha! that's cute 😉 😉

  7. Too cute! I mean, the post, not you! :))

  8. I like cute actually. But now a days cute is very misused, just like nice.

  9. I'd hate to be in your bad books the very first time I visit the blog 🙂
    So, you're a smart woman. 😀

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